Believe it or not, there are 22 million student loan borrowers just like yourself who qualify for lower payments and/or total loan forgiveness.

Yet most of those people will never take advantage of the solutions available to them, either because they’re not aware of what the options are, don’t know how to pursue them, or get lost in the maze of steps required to do so.

The Suber Group wants to help open your eyes and give you back your future

Our Most Important Service Is Giving You Peace of Mind

We understand how it happened. You or somebody you love took out student loans as a way to invest in the future. Instead, those loans became a source of unmanageable debt that’s now an obstacle to starting your life, supporting your family, or even retiring.

Maybe things have gotten so bad that you’re even in danger of — or currently experiencing the negative effects of — Student Loan Default.

Whether you’re the loan holder yourself or the parent or co-signer of a loan holder who is now in the challenging position of paying back somebody else’s debt, the experts at the Suber Group can help you find a solution.

We’ll start by providing you with a free analysis of your student loan situation, in order to accurately assess the best possible solution for you going forward.

Then we’ll walk you through every single step of the process of making that restructuring, refinancing, or forgiveness solution happen, bringing you one step closer to putting student loan debt behind you, once and for all.

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What Is Student Loan Default (and why is it bad)?

If you’re a student loan holder, one of the worst things you can do is allow your loan to go into default by not keeping up with your payments.

The government can (and will) absolutely garnish your wages or taxes if you have defaulted on your federal student loans and haven’t sought out a deferment solution. Federal employees may even experience a salary offset.

This is why, if you’re struggling with your federal student debt payments, it’s so critically important to find solutions before it’s too late.

It’s also worth realizing that in the eyes of the law, there is not much wiggle room between being current with your payments and being in default.

As soon as you miss a payment by 30 days, your federal student loan becomes what’s called “delinquent”. Then, if your loan payments are monthly, your loan will go into default after 270 days (9 months). Or if you’re on a less-than-monthly schedule (e.g. bi-monthly), default status occurs after 330 days (11 months).

Obviously this isn’t what you want or what we at the Suber Group want for you. Which is why we encourage you to reach out and get your Free Student Loan Analysis today.

Are You a Financial Planner?

If you are a financial planner or money management professional with clients whose student loan debt has created an obstacle to getting their finances in order, we’d love to work with you to join forces and find solutions that will help them achieve their goals. Reach out to us at or by phone at (727) 276-6212.

What Our Clients Say About Us

I am so glad I found Mr. Myles and he is helping me with people like him and his team getting out of this student loan debt does not seem as scary and a light is at the end of the tunnel. I am so thankful to them and highly recommend them if you need assistance and feel at a loss like I did! Mr. Myles thank you so much I appreciate all your help you are giving me.

Michelle R Scoggins


I enrolled in a graduate program when my two sons were in high school. This year I was super excited to receive a PhD in education, but my debt over the years soared over $350,000. Mr. Suber took time and was patient in explaining how his Group could reduce my loan repayments or share how I could be illegible for loan forgiveness programs. I am excited to communicate my monthly payments were lowered.

Glenda Carter-Brown


I recently had The Suber Group to help with my student loan. Let's just say, they know their business and nothing but excellent service and professionalism. I will highly recommend giving them the opportunity to assist.

Letashia Anderson Long

Private Sector

I recently enlisted the aid of The Suber Group to help me with my student loan issues. They were extremely helpful, very knowledgeably,and showed nothing but 5 star service and professionalism. If you have some student debt issues I highly recommend giving them a call.

Raymond Brown Jr

Private Sector

Great service , fast results. Highly recommend!!!!

Amber Gibson

State Employee

Being on active duty, having my loan payments lowered is a great help.

Harold Dean

United States Navy

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