Student Loan Forgiveness

If you’ve worked or are working in the public service sector or for a qualified nonprofit organization, you may be eligible for total or partial loan forgiveness. Our experts can show you what’s possible, then make it happen.

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Federal loan forgiveness programs are designed specifically to reward and offer relief to individuals who have chosen professions that impact the community positively.
The challenge with these programs is that the requirements can be prohibitively complicated to somebody who isn’t experienced in dealing with them. As a result, a shocking 99% of people who apply for public service loan forgiveness are rejected.
Fortunately, the experts at the Suber Group know everything there is to know about loan forgiveness programs, what it takes to be eligible for them, and how to navigate the choppy waters of the application and acceptance process.
So if you believe you’re eligible, let us help you connect with and take full advantage of these programs, so that you can put your student loans behind you.

Who Is Eligible for These Programs?
Among those eligible for public service loan forgiveness are the following groups:
Nurses: Registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and members of nursing faculty who work in high-need population areas or areas where there is a critical shortage could qualify to have up to 85% of their loans forgiven under the NURSE Corps Loan Repayment Program.
Teachers: The Teacher Loan Forgiveness program was created in 1998 to encourage teachers to take jobs at elementary schools, secondary schools, and educational service agencies that serve low-income families, and the DOE publishes a list of these institutions every year.
Doctors: Healthcare professionals, especially physicians, dentists, pharmacists, and mental healthcare workers have both national and local options to receive loan forgiveness. The requirements and amounts vary widely depending upon the program you enter.
Lawyers: There is a financial incentive for lawyers to spend a few years practicing in public service or government offices, like the Department of Justice or the Air Force Judge Advocate program, in order to have some portion of their law school loan forgiven.
Military: Each branch of the military has programs that help qualified members pay off their student loans. The loan amounts forgiven and the requirements that must be met vary dramatically, but may provide relief for those who have served their country.
Nonprofits & Government Agencies: If you are employed full-time by a nonprofit, government agency, or other qualifying organization and have student loan debt, you may be eligible for loan forgiveness, cancellation, and/or consolidation of Federal student loans.
Find out if you’re eligible to take advantage of any of these or possibly other forgiveness programs by signing up for our Free Student Loan Analysis …


What Our Clients Say About Us

I am so glad I found Mr. Myles and he is helping me with people like him and his team getting out of this student loan debt does not seem as scary and a light is at the end of the tunnel. I am so thankful to them and highly recommend them if you need assistance and feel at a loss like I did! Mr. Myles thank you so much I appreciate all your help you are giving me.

Michelle R Scoggins


I enrolled in a graduate program when my two sons were in high school. This year I was super excited to receive a PhD in education, but my debt over the years soared over $350,000. Mr. Suber took time and was patient in explaining how his Group could reduce my loan repayments or share how I could be illegible for loan forgiveness programs. I am excited to communicate my monthly payments were lowered.

Glenda Carter-Brown


I recently had The Suber Group to help with my student loan. Let's just say, they know their business and nothing but excellent service and professionalism. I will highly recommend giving them the opportunity to assist.

Letashia Anderson Long

Private Sector

I recently enlisted the aid of The Suber Group to help me with my student loan issues. They were extremely helpful, very knowledgeably,and showed nothing but 5 star service and professionalism. If you have some student debt issues I highly recommend giving them a call.

Raymond Brown Jr

Private Sector

Great service , fast results. Highly recommend!!!!

Amber Gibson

State Employee

Being on active duty, having my loan payments lowered is a great help.

Harold Dean

United States Navy

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