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    I am so glad I found Mr. Myles and he is helping me with people like him and his team getting out of this student loan debt does not seem as scary and a light is at the end of the tunnel. I am so thankful to them and highly recommend them if you need assistance and feel at a loss like I did! Mr. Myles thank you so much I appreciate all your help you are giving me.

    Michelle R Scoggins


    I enrolled in a graduate program when my two sons were in high school. This year I was super excited to receive a PhD in education, but my debt over the years soared over $350,000. Mr. Suber took time and was patient in explaining how his Group could reduce my loan repayments or share how I could be illegible for loan forgiveness programs. I am excited to communicate my monthly payments were lowered.

    Glenda Carter-Brown


    I recently had The Suber Group to help with my student loan. Let's just say, they know their business and nothing but excellent service and professionalism. I will highly recommend giving them the opportunity to assist.

    Letashia Anderson Long

    Private Sector

    I recently enlisted the aid of The Suber Group to help me with my student loan issues. They were extremely helpful, very knowledgeably,and showed nothing but 5 star service and professionalism. If you have some student debt issues I highly recommend giving them a call.

    Raymond Brown Jr

    Private Sector

    Great service , fast results. Highly recommend!!!!

    Amber Gibson

    State Employee

    Being on active duty, having my loan payments lowered is a great help.

    Harold Dean

    United States Navy

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