At the Suber Group, we believe that nobody should ever have to experience financial distress or spend their entire life paying for a good education, and that putting student loan debt behind you is the first step to moving your life forward.

Our Mission

The nationally recognized experts at the Suber Financial Group help those who are struggling under the burden of student loan debt achieve peace of mind, a better credit rating, and increased financial freedom.

We accomplish this by working patiently with our clients to increase awareness of their options, then implement time-tested strategies to lower their payments and, in many cases, to guide them through the process of total loan forgiveness.


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Why Should You Work With Us

From the start, the core guiding principle of The Suber Group has been not only to help our clients improve their student loan situation, but also to consider their overall financial well-being. This is what sets us apart from businesses that are purely focused on refinancing solutions designed to improve their bottom line, not yours.

Our executive team has over 130 years of financial services expertise, most of which was gained in the rough and tumble world of Wall Street. This level of insight and experience also differentiates The Suber Group from our competitors. Because not only have we experienced the last few economic recessions personally, but we’ve done so from a firsthand financial perspective that allows us to bring you the solutions you need.

Last but not least, we take pride in the work we do to provide loan forgiveness to our clients who have dedicated their lives and careers to working in the public service sector or for nonprofit organizations. It’s the least we can do to help those who help others.

So whether you’re hoping to lower your student loan payments or achieve total loan forgiveness, let our experience, passion, and client-centered philosophy work for you.

What Our Clients Say About Us

I am so glad I found Mr. Myles and he is helping me with people like him and his team getting out of this student loan debt does not seem as scary and a light is at the end of the tunnel. I am so thankful to them and highly recommend them if you need assistance and feel at a loss like I did! Mr. Myles thank you so much I appreciate all your help you are giving me.

Michelle R Scoggins


I enrolled in a graduate program when my two sons were in high school. This year I was super excited to receive a PhD in education, but my debt over the years soared over $350,000. Mr. Suber took time and was patient in explaining how his Group could reduce my loan repayments or share how I could be illegible for loan forgiveness programs. I am excited to communicate my monthly payments were lowered.

Glenda Carter-Brown


I recently had The Suber Group to help with my student loan. Let's just say, they know their business and nothing but excellent service and professionalism. I will highly recommend giving them the opportunity to assist.

Letashia Anderson Long

Private Sector

I recently enlisted the aid of The Suber Group to help me with my student loan issues. They were extremely helpful, very knowledgeably,and showed nothing but 5 star service and professionalism. If you have some student debt issues I highly recommend giving them a call.

Raymond Brown Jr

Private Sector

Great service , fast results. Highly recommend!!!!

Amber Gibson

State Employee

Being on active duty, having my loan payments lowered is a great help.

Harold Dean

United States Navy

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