Are Student Loans Keeping You From Living Your Best Life?

Worried About Paying Off Your Loans Before You Retire?

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Avg Student loan debt



$30 million

Total amount restructured

The Suber Group can help turn your student loan debt into a thing of the past.

If the burden of holding student loans has prevented you from moving forward with your life, then we can help, freeing you up to chase your dreams … instead of chasing your debt.

First we’ll conduct a free assessment and analysis of your student loan situation. Then we’ll walk you through how to either lower your payments through loan restructuring or even totally eliminate payments through loan forgiveness programs.

The Suber Group Offers Peace of Mind, Improved Credit, and Increased Financial Freedom

We understand how it happened. You or somebody you love took out student loans as a way to invest in the future. Instead, those loans became a source of unmanageable debt that’s now an obstacle to starting your life, supporting your family, or even retiring.

Our nationally recognized experts, armed with decades of experience, have seen and heard it all, and are ready to give your future back to you by offering the services below.

Free Student Loan Analysis: Knowledge is power. Gain a clearer picture of what might seem like a hopeless debt situation with a free analysis that will help you better understand what’s possible and which options are right for you.

Student Loan Restructuring: By getting you into the best repayment program for your situation, we can help lower monthly payments through a restructuring of your student loan debt. On average, we help clients reduce their payments by at least 40%.

Student Loan Forgiveness: If you’re working or have worked in the public service sector in roles that include teaching, nursing, the military, or other qualified professions, our experts may be able to help you achieve total or partial loan forgiveness.

Why People Choose Us

At the Suber Group, we believe in putting the needs of our clients first. Which is why we center everything we do and how we do it around that simple philosophy.

Patient and Knowledgeable

We understand that dealing with debt and money matters is hard, and strive to make it easier for our clients in any way we can.

Fair and Cost-Effective Pricing

Our end goal is to improve our clients’ financial well-being, and we’ll only ever charge what’s needed to make that goal a reality.

Transparent and Upfront

From our processes to our costs, we make sure our clients have the information they need at all times to make informed decisions.

Our Learning Library

We love sharing our knowledge and insights about student loans.

What Our Clients Say About Us

See what our customers have to say about Borrow products, people and services.

I am so glad I found Mr. Myles and he is helping me with people like him and his team getting out of this student loan debt does not seem as scary and a light is at the end of the tunnel. I am so thankful to them and highly recommend them if you need assistance and feel at a loss like I did! Mr. Myles thank you so much I appreciate all your help you are giving me.

Michelle R Scoggins


I enrolled in a graduate program when my two sons were in high school. This year I was super excited to receive a PhD in education, but my debt over the years soared over $350,000. Mr. Suber took time and was patient in explaining how his Group could reduce my loan repayments or share how I could be illegible for loan forgiveness programs. I am excited to communicate my monthly payments were lowered.

Glenda Carter-Brown


I recently had The Suber Group to help with my student loan. Let's just say, they know their business and nothing but excellent service and professionalism. I will highly recommend giving them the opportunity to assist.

Letashia Anderson Long

Private Sector

I recently enlisted the aid of The Suber Group to help me with my student loan issues. They were extremely helpful, very knowledgeably,and showed nothing but 5 star service and professionalism. If you have some student debt issues I highly recommend giving them a call.

Raymond Brown Jr

Private Sector

Great service , fast results. Highly recommend!!!!

Amber Gibson

State Employee

Being on active duty, having my loan payments lowered is a great help.

Harold Dean

United States Navy




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